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STAMPERIA ALICESE would like to inform you about the most important technological innovations regarding energy savings brought in our plant in the last years.

As you well know , during the last two years the energy costs have suffered an impressive increase, due mainly to the petrol price increase. These costs affect both our indirect costs (i.e. heating costs of our plant) and direct production cost (i.e. electrical power). Starting from the 2007 some actions were already done on the company systems ( i.e. substitution of old lights with new low consumption light in the Printing Department) and the employee awareness towards energy saving problem.

At the end of 2007 some actions were planned to reduce the impact of the costs increase and the dependence from external energy sources. A last consideration , but not less important, is also the environmental impact that renewable energies have on CO2 emissions.

The following investments have been brought in during the last years:

1) Solar Cells Systems (Photovoltaics) 165kw – The new system covers nearly 80% of our needs (actual requirement from our plant is 220kw). The extension of solar cells is 1200sqmt on the roof of our plant
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2) Solar Water Heaters – The steam production (for Ironing) is the biggest request of petrol for our factory. The solar heaters used in our plant are from the last generation (Vacuum solar Heaters); their design allows a good performance also during the winter season.
A saving of 50% of heating cost for the Ironing Departments has being forecasted with this investment.
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3) New burner for the heating system – The burner of our heating system has been changed with the last generation of burner (lower working temperature). It allows a cost reduction forecasted in 20% of our heating cost

4) New Heaters – The heaters of the Printing Dept have been changed with new types. The saving is due to the increasing of efficiency of the heart and a reduction of the losses due to a reduced temperature of the hot water.

We believe that with the above actions Stamperia Alicese is showing its will to continue the philosophy of “ Made in Italy” production. We do not intend to drop the search of lower price production sources (started in the 1998), but on the opposite Stamperia Alicese wants to remain competitive trying to find other technological aspects that will allow reductions of production costs.