Indications to reach STAMPERIA ALICESE

1) If you arrive from Milan or Turin, take motorway A 4 (Turin – Venice) and exit at the junction of SANTHIA’

2) You will find two (2) roundabout at the exit of the motorway, keep direction BIELLA-CAVAGLIA’

3) After about 4 Km at the first village (Cavaglià) turn left into the village. At this point you should find signpost to TORINO.

4) Exit from Cavaglià direction Torino. After 1Km on your left there is Stamperia Alicese

Our address is:

Stamperia Alicese s.r.l

Via Torino, 73

13881 Cavaglià (BI)

Phone: +39.0161.967779

Fax: +39.0161.996218