In the far 1973, a man in Alice Castello decided that the time was right to begin T-Shirts printing . With a big effort of fantasy he called the company STAMPERIA ALICESE that you can translate in English “PRINTING COMPANY OF ALICE CASTELLO”

At the beginning Stamperia Alicese was printing pre-cutted fabric, cotton or cotton based fabric. From then very much was changed

Milestones in our short history have been the introduction of sublimation print (transfer print) at the end of the ’70s and the beginning of the production of the first garments (T-shirt) during the early ’80s.
Then we can also remember the introduction of other new technologies and products like, “FLAT-LOCK” sewing, continuous sublimation print, workmanship of stretching material and the introduction of CAD.

The trace of continuous improvement of the technology is always clear, in fact we can remember other steps forward in last years: for the sewing department from the introduction of automatic cutting equipment to the new “SEW FREE” technology, for the printing department from the automatic mixing equipment to prepare the colours to the digital print.
During the last years the technology innovation allowed us to introduce new garments from which our customer received the benefits, we remember for example our involvement to develop the first soccer stretching shirt (Kombat 2000 for ITALY team), the study of products for Alpine Ski used by 6 different national team during the 2006 Olympic Winter Games of Turin, the development of the first soccer shirt “Sew Free”.

As you probably noticed we did not name any brand for which we manufacture products. However we have to speak about the products. In fact the range of garments that we manufacture is quite wide. Our normal productions are sportswear garments of medium/high quality.
Our most experienced sports are: soccer, cycling, track and field, ski, basketball, volleyball and sailing.

Our peculiarity is the ability to cover the needs from the single athlete up to the team supply or the retailer’s requirements with production that can be made both in Italy or abroad (for cost reduction needs).

Production Site in CAVAGLIA’
Our production unit is in Cavaglià. The covered area is about 5000sqm. In this site we have the administration and technical offices, the raw material warehouse, Cutting dept., Printing Dept., Sewing Dept., Packaging Dept. and finished product warehouse.